ZIMA also offers weekend courses like Short term Film Making Courses, Sound Engineering, Ad Filmmaking, Voicing & TV Presentation, Autodesk Smoke and Flame.

6 Months,
Three days a week
Three hour sessions and additional shooting practicals

ZIMA’s six month direction course contains all the essential ingredients required to make you a successful director of films and television.
The evolution and the history of cinema
Film analysis and film appreciation
The language and the grammar of cinema
Who is a director?
Techniques of screenplay writing
Narrative Formats, Film Genres
Staging the scene & Shooting techniques
Handling of actors, technicians and other unit members
Basics & advance classes in other relevant areas of filmmaking viz. Cinematography, Editing etc
Production and marketing management of films and Television shows
Practicals in documentary film making, ads and promos, song picturisation and a film project
After the completion of the Film & TV direction training the student can immediately take up the responsibility of directing a film or a television show. However, in order to gain the knowledge of the working conditions it is advisable that the student works as an assistant director in a production unit for some time. With the knowledge that our student carries with him, he becomes a big asset to any production unit he joins as an assistant director (AD).

28th April 2012
Impression Awards announced
21st April 2012
Master Mantra with Gyan Sahay
14th April 2012
Master Mantra with Ramesh Talwar
7th April 2012
ZIMA Students go for a studio visit along with ZIMA Mentor Mr. Uday Pani
22nd March 2012
Master Mantra with Zarina Wahab
2nd March 2012
Master Mantra with Mona Shetty