Zee Institute of Media Arts (ZIMA) is your gateway to the exciting and fast-growing world of Media and Film making. Built on the rich heritage and strong foundations of the Zee Network, ZIMA was envisaged by its founders to be a hub of cutting-edge technology and traditional expertise which will be your platform of limitless opportunities to a career in film making and media world. A digital academy film school which will equip you with skills and nurture your talents – so that you can make your mark in the world of media and film making.

28th April 2012
Impression Awards announced
21st April 2012
Master Mantra with Gyan Sahay
14th April 2012
Master Mantra with Ramesh Talwar
7th April 2012
ZIMA Students go for a studio visit along with ZIMA Mentor Mr. Uday Pani
22nd March 2012
Master Mantra with Zarina Wahab
2nd March 2012
Master Mantra with Mona Shetty

Kalpana Lajmi
On 15th May, 2010 a session of MASTER MANTRA with one of the most reputed female directors of our country, Kalpana Lajmi, left a remarkable impact in every one’s mind present out there. The conversation started with Lajmi speaking about her family and her entry into the array of cinema.The realist film-maker always believes in saving time and money.
Javed Akhtar
While sharing his experiences with the young film aspirants Javed Saab talked about his background and the education that he acquired to get into this industry. He talked about the willingness to find answers out of life and to learn everyday …the moment you stop learning you’re finished….the key is to keep learning…keep reading..keep writing…I think I have yet not achieved what I could have…”.